We continue with our coverage of the 2019 NY2LA Sports Futures Camp with a look at the top 10 overall performances from 2022 prospects in attendance.  Keep in mind this is based on our composite score, which takes multiple factors into account on all areas of the game.  

(1)  Danilo Jovanovich – 2022 – G/F – Whitnall (WI) – Composite 14.8
A Co-MVP for the Class of 2022 prospects in attendance, Jovanovich was stellar throughout the day.  His Floor Impact, Efficiency, and Matrix scores were among the best at the camp and it was evident in the numbers as he scored, rebounded, created, and defended in solid fashion.

(2)  Chevalier Emery – 2022 – PG – Neenah (WI) – Composite 12.6
One of the top overall floor generals at the game in terms of his performance, he contributed across the board and he was efficient to boot as a near 6/1 assist to turnover ratio can attest.  An excellent day of work for Emery.

(3)  Najashi Tolefree – 2022 – F – West Allis Central (WI) – Composite 12.1
His biggest contributions on the court are in terms of his overall floor impact and the things he does without the ball (i.e. rebound, steals, block shots, etc.).  Both of those areas are where he stood out the most and his overall score reflected it as well.

(4)  Learic Davis – 2022 – SF – Mil Bradley Tech (WI) – Composite 10.4
A Co-MVP for the class based on his body of work, Davis is one of the more athletic slashing wings in attendance, Davis’s overall floor impact combined with his versatility and athleticism were areas where he stood out the most during the day.

(5)  Connor Essegian – 2022 – SG – Central Noble (IN) – Composite 10.2
An excellent marksmen with the ability to contribute in multiple areas, Essegian was consistently dominant each game.  His overall floor impact was stellar and he was among the top scorers on the day consistently game in and game out.

(6)  Steven Clay – 2022 – G/F – Menomonee Falls (WI) – Composite 9.7
A slashing wing who delivered some quality overall floor efforts, his day was powered by his ability to score and rebound along with his ability to impact and fill the box score with consistency.

(7)  Jackson Paveletzke – 2022 – G – Kimberly (WI) – Composite 8.3
A solid up and coming guard who makes quality decisions and can do whatever you ask him to do.  He has range beyond the arc, he is disruptive on the defensive end, and he can handle the ball and create as well.  A 5 to 1 assist to turnover ratio was one area where he contributed at a high level.

(8)  Jonah Anderson – 2022 – PG – Verona (WI) – Composite 7.7
Another of those do a little bit of everything type guards, Anderson handles it well and he makes quality decisions.  He posted a near 6 to 1 assist to turnover ratio on the day and that was among the best at the camp.  

(9 Tie)  Braden Huff – 2022 – F – Glenboro West (IL) – Composite 7.6
One of those quietly developing forwards, Huff showed flashes of a little bit of everything with his ability to impact the floor primarily by scoring and rebounding being the thing that stood out the most during the camp.  Really like his potential.

(9 Tie)  Seth Trimble – 2022 – PG – Menomonee Falls (WI) – Composite 7.6
One of the top floor generals in attendance, Trimble displayed athleticism, instincts, and skill throughout the day.  His range extends beyond the arc, he can get to the rim, he handles the ball well, and he can create.  His overall ability to impact the game in a variety of ways was impressive.