The annual NY2LA Sports Futures Camp took the courts of Homestead High School in Wisconsin late last month and some talented 2021, 2022, and 2023 prospects delivered quality results.  We continue our look at Futures Camp with a glance at the top 10 composite Class of 2021 performances…

(1)  Tyrese Hunter – 2021 – PG – Racine St. Catherines (WI) – Composite 18.1
Athletic, explosive, and gifted with the ability to score and create offensively while being a menace on the defensive end of the floor, Hunter was exceptional.  He was among the leaders in Floor Impact, Efficiency, Matrix, etc. while boasting a 6 to 1 assist to turnover ratio and being the leading scorer at the camp.  

(2)  Amar Augillard – 2021 – F – Zion-Benton (IL) – Composite 13.1
Another of the more dominant prospects in attendance, Augillard was among the leaders in scoring, Floor Impact, and Efficiency.  He was consistently dominant while scoring from multiple levels throughout the day while shooting close to a ridiculously stellar 74 percent from the field.  He was also active defensively which was nice to see.

(3)  Alex Singleton – 2021 – PF – Wauwatosa East (WI) – Composite 10.4
A nuts and bolts forward that knows how to play, Singleton was impressive throughout the day.  His Floor Impact and Efficiency scores were among the best at the camp and he finished at a 65 percent clip from the field.  

(4)  John Lovelace Jr. – 2021 – F – Wauwatosa East (WI) – Composite 10.3
A long plus length athletic versatile prospect, Lovelace continues to take flight with each passing month and he’s primed to be one of the breakout juniors in the state of Wisconsin this upcoming year.  He was exceptional at times at the camp and he displayed an ability to impact the floor, solid defensive skills, nice efficiency, and he made an impact with and without the ball.  He scored from all levels while shooting 62 percent from the field.

(5)  Logan Landers – 2021 – F/C – Brookfield Academy (WI) – Composite 10.1
A blue collar interior prospect with some nice versatility and athleticism, Landers is really starting to take big steps forward this fall.  Equipped with a strong bouncy 6-9 plus frame, Landers was active defensively, he filled the box score, and he contributed without the ball.  He was solid from start to finish.

(6)  Dylan Kuehl – 2021 – F – Hustisford (WI) – Composite 8.2
One of those that’s in the middle of everything, Kuehl was impressive throughout and he made his presence felt.  He delivered some solid Floor Impact numbers and combined that with respectable contributions without the ball while shooting close to 75 percent from the field in game action.  A nice day’s work.

(7)  Selle Dime – 2021 – F/C – Golda Meir (WI) – Composite 8.1
Selle quietly had a nice day and it was capped off with his strongest performance in the final game.  More of a rebounding and defensive contributor at this state, Dime had solid floor contributions, he was active without the ball, and he made his presence felt around the basket both contesting shots and rebounding the basketball.  

(8)  Mark Blaszczyk – 2021 – SG – Chesterson Academy (IL) – Composite 7.9
A talented guard with an ability to score at multiple levels, Blaszczyk did a little bit of everything throughout the day and those flashes on both ends opened some eyes.  He can score and rebound and he makes solid decisions with the ball.  

(9)  Ryan Robillard – 2021 – Luxemburg-Casco (WI) – Composite 7.8
He shot close to 59 percent from the field while also contributing solid numbers on the glass and showing he can create offensively.  Add to the mix some solid defense and nice activity and Robillard was a talented player that stood out at times.

(10)  Nolan Rieder – 2021 – Sussex Hamilton (WI) – Composite 7.7
A solid emerging big in Wisconsin who seems ready to take the next step, Rieder is a bit bigger than last year and his ability to finish around the basket and clean the glass is much improved.  He showed an ability to fill the box score, score from all levels, and contribute in efficient fashion.  A solid day’s work for Rieder.