The annual NY2LA Sports Invitational hits the hardwood in Wisconsin once again this weekend as teams from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Arizona, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin will take to the courts looking to close out their spring in strong fashion.  Action will tip off Friday and night and run throughout the weekend with championship play happening late Sunday afternoon.  Here’s a quick look at the teams set to compete this weekend in Wisconsin…


17U (40 Teams)
Quad City Elite NY2LA, Phenom University EYBL 2020, Ray Allen Select NY2LA, Hoopers Basketball Club, ET21 Buckeyes, Wisconsin RAP, Wisconsin Swing NY2LA, Team RWA, Wisconsin Shooters NY2LA, Get Buckets, MBA Select NY2LA, MN Knights, Chicago Lockdown NY2LA, Wisconsin Dynasty, Mercury Elite NY2LA, Hudson Elite, Breakaway Basketball NY2LA, Team Elite, AIA Braverman NY2LA, St. Louis Cobras Elite, WI Triple Threat, Chicago Lockdown Vyve, Young Legends, AIA Athletics Old School Elite, Full Package Montay, WI Swing Bredesen/Mills, RAS Donaldson, Mercury Elite Binder, Illinois Attack, Young Lions, Wisconsin Evolution, Full Package Walker, MKE Elite, Chicago Lockdown Hobbs, Flash, AIA Athletics Elite Jackson, WI Swing Bredesen, Full Package Neon Dmitry, Illini Magic, WI Blizzard Davis

16U (48 Teams)
Team Harden AZ, Kevon Looney/AIA, Quad City Elite NY2LA, Machine Elite, Ray Allen Select NY2LA, Team RWA Jennings, WI Swing NY2LA, ET21 Buckeyes, Chicago Lockdown NY2LA, Wisconsin Dynasty, WI Shooters NY2LA, Meanstreets Avila, WI Blizzard Kuranda NY2LA, Lituanica, Mercury Elite NY2LA, Milwaukee Sharks, MBA Select NY2LA, Full Package Brandon, Young Legends NY2LA, Mercury Elite Keck, WI Swish, IL Rockets White, WI RAP, Team RWA Burford, Breakaway Basketball NY2LA, WI Swing Bredesen, Epic Hoopz, WI Swing Morovitz, Full Package Dmitry, Checkmate Basketball MKE, IL Rockets Red, Young Lions, IL Attack, Surge Elite, Gallo Sports Center, Heart of Illinois, WI Next Level, Mercury Elite Payan, GG2S, Windy City Magic, IL Blaze, GG2S Black, MN Lace Up, Chicago Lockdown Walsh, Golden Touch Basketball, Mercury Elite Stephens, Wolverines, WI Blizzard Diedrich

15U (56 Teams)
Phenom University EYBL, Chicago Lockdown Knight, WI Swing NY2LA, Quad City Elite Orange, Grassroots Sizzle, WI Phenoms GNBA 2022, Pack Attack, Team RWA, WI Blizzard NY2LA, Western Spring Blazers, Mercury Elite NY2LA, WI Hoops Select Jenny, MBA Select Green NY2LA, WI Playmakers Siler, Young Legends NY2LA, IL Rockets, Breakaway Basketball NY2LA, Wisconsin Sharks, MBA Select White NY2LA, WI Swing Thompson, Wisconsin Shooters, Full Package Dmitry, Full Package Montay, Green Bay Metro Hoops II, Lakeshore Force, Mercury Elite Cook, Green Bay Metro Hoops I, JT Midwest Jets, RMG Hoops, Ray Allen GNBA 2022, Wisconsin Swish, Quad City Elite Black, WI RAP, FSS, MN Knights, 5-0/FVV Elite, AIA Athletics Old School, Milwaukee Sharks, Epic Hoopz, GB Gunners Mitchell, MN Top Dawgs, WI Blizzard Thomas, Loyalty Hoops, WI Swing Meinecke, Young Lions Black, River City United, Basketball Paradise, WI Swing Magestro, Bigg Ten Hoopstars, Westside Connection, GB Gunners Holm, Chicago Lockdown Mampe, MN Lace Up, Young Lions White, Wisconsin Evolution, Ball Like Me Flames/Flames Black

14U (32 Teams)
WI Shooters GNBA, ET21 Buckeyes, WI Playmakers GNBA, AGB Hawks, WI Scholars GNBA, Breakaway Basketball, WI Phenoms GNBA 2023, Chicago Lockdown Ashe, Wisconsin RAP, MBA Select Green, TSA Select, GG2S, Wisconsin Focus, Hudson Elite, Wisconsin Swish Blue, H.I.T. Basketball, LaCrosse Elevate Williams, Checkmate Basketball, Lakers, Chicago Lockdown Ireland, Wisconsin Swing Weisbrod, IL Attack Johnson, Milwaukee Sharks, IL Blaze, Ray Allen Select Fulton, IL Attack Collins, Milwaukee Swing, IL Rockets, WI Blizzard Thomas Blue, Central IL Generals, WI Swish White, Midwest Wildcats

13U (24 Teams)
Playground Elite GNBA, IL Attack Brown, Ray Allen Select GNBA, Chicago Lockdown, Wisconsin Shooters GNBA, MN Top Dawgs Eppinger, Wisconsin RAP, Illinois Blaze, Lakeshore Force, Hudson Elite, Wisconsin Evolution, GB Gunners Mares, Wisconsin Swing Regnier, AGB Hawks, Wisconsin Focus, Sports Factor Inc. Balls, Green Bay Gunners Kinzinger, MN Top Dawgs Rich, WI Blizzard Thomas Blue, Illinois Attack Chapman, Milwaukee Swing, GB Gunners Winchester, WI Blizzard Corbin, Mind Body & Soul Kings Warriors

12U (16 Teams)
WI Blizzard Norgaard GNBA, Hoop Avenues Elite, Wisconsin Phenoms GNBA, FS Elite, Ray Allen Select GNBA, Butler Elite, Playground Elite GNBA Bolden, AGB Hawks, Wisconsin Shooters GNBA, WI Blizzard Thomas Blue, Playground Elite GNBA Keys, Illinois Attack, Milwaukee Rebels GNBA, WI Blizzard Thomas, Wisconsin Swing GNBA, Fox Valley Hogs

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