Day 2 of the second session of the 2019 Generation Next Basketball Association saw a number of standout performances with names like Young, Holton, Knueppel, Beaman, etc. delivering quality performances.  Here’s a look at some that stood out on Saturday in Wisconsin…

Prentice Young - 2023 (WI Phenoms Blue)
- Strength, Athleticism and Explosion are all attributes of Prentice Young who plays for WI Phenoms Blue. Young is an exciting young talent who has the potential to be a top player in the GNBA. There is no doubt that Young knows his role on his team and is able to succeed in it. Young rebounds the ball extremely well and is able to turn those rebounds into baskets. On the defensive end Young also is a tenacious rebounder and is very physical inside. As Young continues to improve his skills, he will be a challenge to stop. 

Cameron Atkinson - 2023 (Quad City Elite Orange) - When a player at the 14U level is able to do a little bit of everything on the floor and is willing to work hard, good things usually happen. This is the case for Cameron Atkinson and Quad City Elite Orange. There is never a doubt this team will play hard and give their opponent everything they have. Atkinson has a very unique skill set in which he is able to shoot, dribble, pass, rebound and defend as well as anyone on the floor. When the ball is in Atkinson’s hands something good usually happens. 

Maximus Wilson - 2023 (Gain Elite) - There was not a more confident player at the GNBA on Saturday than Maximus Wilson of Gain Elite. When Wilson is on the floor he does not believe anyone can stop him. Wilson is one of, if not the most athletic player on the floor at all times and uses this athleticism to create many steals and block shots on the defensive end. On the offensive side he uses his quickness and ball handling skills to make his defenders look lost and score the ball at will. Wilson showed the ability to hit shots from deep and finish around the rim even through contact. The most impressive part of his game on offense is without a doubt his passing ability. Wilson has tremendous vision and is able to set up his teammates for easy baskets. There are very few players that will be able to match Wilson’s natural ability and skill. 

Isaac Holton - 2023 (Chapman Black) - Chapman Black has the luxury of a reliable and talented guard in Isaac Holton. Holton is a very solid ball handler and decision maker for his team. There are few mistakes or flaws that can be pointed out in Holton’s game. When the ball is in his hands his teammates can count on him to control the game. Holton is able to get to the rim and score when he wants but he is also a very good playmaker in terms of his passing ability. Holton has great basketball instincts and court awareness which are his biggest strengths as a player. 

Drew Regnier - 2023 (WI Swing) - Drew Regnier did not back down from any challenge all Saturday. Regnier of the WI Swing is one of the toughest players that took the court Saturday and his physical play was a huge bonus for his team. All of the dirty work that no one wants to do like setting screens, boxing out, rebounding and getting on the floor is a part of Regnier’s game. He seems to accept his role and strives in it. Regnier was also able to find the bottom of the net on many of his shots inside and outside as he hit 2 three pointers against Quad City Elite. Regnier is very strong and uses his physical play to benefit his team. 

Drew Edmond - 2023 (WI Phenoms Orange) - Another guard that had a great day was Drew Edmond of WI Phenoms Orange. Edmond is a strong player who plays fundamental basketball. He does not do anything to flashy but he gets the job done. Edmond shoots the ball really well and hits big shots when his team needs it. He is always hunting his shot and looking for a way to score the ball. Edmond stretches the floor well and is a player that you can not lose because he will make you pay if you do. 

Arius Hull - 2023 (Mac Irvin Fire) - There are very few players that have as much upside as Arius Hull. Hull owns a raw skill set and a great combination of size and length that has the potential to be something special. Standing at 6 foot 6 Hull is force to be taken seriously. On defense Hull is a rim protector who showed his ability to block or alter any shot that is taken within his area. Hull is also a very strong rebounder on both ends of the floor who can score in the paint with a variety of post moves. 

Robert Peters - 2023 (Cream City’s Chosen) - Despite losing both games on Saturday Robert Peters showed his potential for constant improvement. Every time Peters takes the floor it appears that he improves at least one portion of his game. Peters has great size and length which gives him an advantage in rebounding and scoring within the paint. As Peters continues to work on his jump shot and completing his game he will be a force to be stopped. Peters has played well and already has many great skills which would include rebounding, interior defense, and finishing around the rim.

Ty Minor - 2023 (Il Irish Elite) - Ty Minor of Il Irish Elite has all the potential in the world. With solid frame and good height for a 14U player Minor was impressive in the second day of the GNBA. Minor has a motor that does not quit and his presence is definitely felt with his physical play. There is almost never a shot that goes up and Minor does not hit someone on the box out and track down a rebound. Minor score inside very nicely and has shown his ability to stretch the floor and hit jump shots when left open. Minor is a tough player who has a large amount of upside. 

Kon Knueppel- 2024 (Closed Gyms MKE)
- In every game that Kon Knueppel plays there is a very high chance that he will be one of the leading scorers and his team will win by double digits, Saturday was no exception to this statement. Knueppel and his team continued to dominate the GNBA by torching their opponents with their run and gun style of play. Knueppel is a playmaker in every definition of the word. He is an outstanding passer, dribbler and shooter. Closed Gyms MKE has the capability of putting 4 other shooters on the floor with Knueppel, who is a willing passer. The Closed Gym team is a very explosive team with offensive firepower, especially when Kon Knueppel is on the floor. 

KJ LaMonte- 2024 (Quad City Elite Orange) - KJ LaMonte played very good today for Quad City Elite Orange. LaMonte is the point guard for his team and has absolute control of the game when he is playing well. LaMonte has deceptive dribbling moves and impressive footwork that give him an edge on his opponents. Whether it is a floater, layup or jump shot LaMonte has the capability of scoring at all levels. LaMonte is a strong ball handler and does not turn the ball over often. KJ LaMonte has all the skills you want in a point guard and has played extremely well so far this weekend. 

Nazir Beamon - 2024 (Team Takeover) - Nas Beaman’s skillset is incomparable to any other 13U player at the GNBA. When Nas Beaman is on the floor he demands the attention of the entire opposing defense because it is very hard to stop him with only one defender. He can score whenever he wants and however he wants. His ability to score the ball in a variety of ways is more than impressive. Nas Beaman is not only a scorer though, he can be the best defender on the floor when he wants to. He blocks many shots, rebounds as good as anyone on the floor. Beaman is without a doubt a top prospect in the 13U age division. 

Tameron Ferguson - 2024 (Team Getshook) - Team Getshook plays a very intense and up pace style of basketball which is great for 2024 guard Tameron Ferguson. Ferguson and his teammates love to extend pressure to the full court and create turnovers. With the quickness of Ferguson opposing teams have to work extremely hard to get it passed half court and if they do the pressure still does not stop. Ferguson also uses his quickness on offense to get to the rim. Another strength of Ferguson is the ability to see the floor and find his teammates. There are countless times within the game where Ferguson passes up his own shot for his teammate to get a better one. F

Pierce Arenz - 2024 (WI Blizzard Nordgaard) - WI Blizzard Nordgaard seems like they always have a different player who gets hot scores in bunches. Today that player was Pierce Arenz. Arenz is a fundamentally sound guard that is able to score on different layers. Arenz is not only a knock down shooter from deep but also is able to get to the basket and finish through contact. Arenz showed his diversity of attacking moves today in his pair of games. 

Michael McNabb - 2024 (Chapman BA Black) - The silky smooth left handed point guard for Chapman BA Black continued his impressive play on Saturday in a pair of games. McNabb continues to improve in every aspect of his game. His three point shot has been pure and he continues to blow by defenders to finish with both hands around the rim. McNabb is a smart and crafty player who finds different ways to score. McNabb was able to score double digits in both of his matchups and continues to rise as a 2024 prospect.

Jarvis McNeal - 2024 (Team Ten Jabari Parker) - Opponents had a very challenging time trying to guard Jarvis McNeal today due to his quickness and strength while dribbling the ball. McNeal was able to blow by any defender that was put in front of him which led to many easy baskets. When McNeal gets the ball in transition there is almost no chance of being able to stop him. McNeal can definitely score the ball but he is also able to facilitate for his teammates. There is a tremendous amount of potential that McNeal has and if he continues to improve his game there is no doubt he will be a player to watch in the future. 

Michael Williams - 2024 (WI Premier) - Michael Williams made his presence known today as he lead the WI Premier to a very successful day. Williams was blessed with very quick feet and athleticism. Williams got to the rim very easily and showed his ability to finish. Ball Handling is another one of his strongest basketball skills. In a victory over Howard Pulley Williams scored 19 points which included one three pointer. Williams has great instincts on the floor and has the capability to be a rising prospect. 

Joshua Stewart - 2024 (All In Athletics) - Joshua Stewart for All In Athletics takes pride in his defensive ability and it shows. All In Athletics has a player in Joshua Stewart that has a motor that does not quit. Although Stewart is a more than capable offensive player, his defense has stood out immensely. If there is a ball on the floor Stewart is on it. The hustle and all out effort that Stewart gives is very noticeable. As Stewart continues to build on his skills he will draw more attention to his play.

Cooper Koch - 2024 (Il Irish Elite) - An up and coming talent for Il Irish is big man Cooper Koch. Koch is equipped with many great skills that will continue to draw attention to his play. His ability to run the floor and finish in transition is possibly his most impressive quality. Koch always plays hard and does not back down to anyone in the post. He is always in attack mode when he is able to catch an offensive rebound to finish. Koch is a smart player who has great upside to keep an eye on. 

Daquarius Jones - 2025 (REACH Legends)
- The REACH Legends 12U team have been dominating the entire GNBA season and have several players who are top prospects in the league this year. A standout from REACH on Saturday was Daquarius Jones. Jones is a very skilled player who excels on offense. He handles the ball very well for a big man and is able to get up the floor very well. Jones has a strong build and also has great size. When REACH is pressuring on defensive and causing bad shots for their opponents Jones is at his best. When Jones is in transition his a dangerous player, whether he is looking to pass or score. His physical attributes paired with his basketball skill level makes him a very fun player to watch. The potential with Jones is endless. 

Isaiah Mellock - 2025 (Closed Gyms MKE) - There are very few players who have instincts and a basketball IQ like Isaiah Mellock. Mellock is an extremely smart basketball player and is very successful because of it. His crafty play tricks his defenders and allows him to score in a variety of ways. While most of Mellock’s points come from attacking the basket, he is a very capable perimeter shooter when he needs to be. Very rarely does Mellock shoot a bad shot or make any type of mistake. Mellock is a playmaker for his team and when he is not on the court the game changes. Closed Gyms MKE loves when the ball finds its way to Mellock because it usually means something good is going to happen. Mellock got hurt in the first game of the day and was unable to play in the second game, however before his injury he was able to score 16 points on 10 shots.

Landon Wheatley - 2025 (Quad City Elite) - Landon Wheatley has the ability to change games in a matter of minutes with his ability to shoot the basketball. Wheatley is a knock down shooter when his feet are set and is capable of creating his own shot as well. Wheatley creates lots of energy for his team on offense and is always a threat to score lots of points in a short period of time. 

Jaxson Davis - 2027 (Il Central Elite Blue) - Il Central Elite 12U has multiple solid guards who are to work together to create a very competitive team. Jaxson Davis is a fearless point guard who always gives all out effort. Davis has solid ball handling skills and is always looking to get his shooters the ball when they are open. He does a decent job of getting into the lane and when he gets in the paint he is able to finish and find his teammates. On Saturday Davis was also a top scorer for his team as he connected on multiple three pointers and weaved his way through the defense to finish around the win. Davis does a lot of things well and is a huge asset to his team. 

Drew Winslow - 2025 (Yanders Law) - Drew Winslow was an electric scorer for Yanders Law on Saturday. Winslow showed an ability to score any way that he wanted. Winslow shot the ball extremely well from deep connecting on multiple threes in multiple games. To get open for these shots Winslow came off of screens constantly, set his feet and knocked down jumpers. Winslow was an efficient scorer as well. Getting to the rim was no problem for Winslow as well. He attacked his defenders and broke them done and finished with great control. Winslow is very challenging to stop because of the versatility in his abilities to score the ball.