The annual NY2LA Sports Invitational hits the hardwood in Wisconsin May 17-19, 2019 and the platform will once again offer up some quality competition at the boys 11u-17u levels.  Over 200 teams from across the Midwest are set to compete once again with all the action taking place at various gyms across the greater Milwaukee area.  Here’s a quick look at the teams set to compete at each age group this upcoming weekend…



Phenom University EYBL, Phenom University NY2LA, Wisconsin Swing Litch NY2LA, Quad City Elite NY2LA, Illinois Irish Elite NY2LA, Kentucky Hoop Dreams, WI Premier NY2LA, Ray Allen Select NY2LA, Kevon Looney Elite NY2LA, Chicago Lockdown NY2LA, Team YOBO, Team Focus Gold NY2LA, FLASH, WI Crusaders, Full Package Dmitry, Mercury Elite Rad NY2LA, Wisconsin Blizzard NY2LA, WI Swing Bredesen/Moro NY2LA, Young Legends NY2LA, Illinois Blaze Elite, NESYB Jones, MN Knights, WI Dynasty NY2LA, Illinois Irish Select NY2LA, Chicago Lockdown Walsh, WI Illinois Irish Stars, Mercury Elite Bogumil, LaCrosse Elevate Hamilton, Outwork Elite Johnson, WI Blizzard Leland, Mercury Elite Stephens, ABC Young Lions, Illinois Magic, WI Focus White, Mercury Elite Tiknis, BC Thunder, WI Focus Blue, Full Package Walker, Team Jones-Bieker, WI Swing Koslowski, WI Hoops Select Giles, WI Swing Olson

Quad City Elite Orange NY2LA, WI RAP NY2LA, Phenom University EYBL, Michigan Titans, Team YOBO, Chicago Lockdown Knight, Kentucky Hoop Dreams, Full Package Black, Grassroots Sizzle Weston, WI Premier, WI Swing Siebert/Litch NY2LA, Illinois Irish Elite NY2LA, Ronnie Fields Elite, WI Blizzard NY2LA, Phenom University NY2LA, Mercury Elite Pentans NY2LA, Team Focus Gold NY2LA, Quad City Elite Black NY2LA, WI Swing Bredesen NY2LA, Illinois Irish Select NY2LA, ABC Young Lions Black, River City United, WI Sharks, Elevation All-Stars, WI Evolution, Full Package White, WI Crusaders, Illinois Rockets, Young Legends NY2LA, Halton Basketbal Club, Chapman Basketball Academy, Mercury Elite Kramp, Fox Valley Kings, Ball Like Me Flames, Green Bay Gunners, Grassroots Sizzle Jett, Outwork Elite Binder, WI Swing Thompson, BC Thunder, WI Hoops Select, TSA, WI Swing Brown, All In Athletics Balaban, ABC Young Lions Teal

Quad City Elite NY2LA, WI Focus Blue, Phenom University EYBL, 1 Team 1 Family, Kentucky Hoop Dreams, FLASH, Team YOBO, Raise The Bar, Kevon Looney Elite, Illinois Attack, Illinois Irish Elite NY2LA, WI Swish, Mercury Elite Rush NY2LA, WI Phenom Blue 2023 GNBA, Michigan Titans, WI Swing Siebert/Weisbrod NY2LA, WI Dynasty NY2LA, Illinois Rockets, Full Package Kip, WI Swing Bredesen, WI Crusaders AD, M14 Hoops Regional II, Team Focus Gold NY2LA, Mercury Elite Galusha, Illinois Irish Select NY2LA, TSA, Illinois Blaze Elite, WI Swing Bartoshevich, Next Level 24, WI Blizzard Ivory, Basketball Paradise Blue, WI Crusaders Select, Closed Gyms, Mercury Elite Eisley, M14 Hoops Regional 1, WI Focus White, Outwork Elite Olalde, WI Premier, ABC Young Lions Black, Basketball Paradise White, Midwest Wildcats Hocking, Mercury Elite Hornacek, Milwaukee Young Bucks, Full Package Nate, WI Evolution, Mercury Elite Hurbes, CIG Elite 2022, Dream City All-Stars

Ray Allen Select GNBA, Michigan Warriors, Indiana Jammers, WI Focus Blue, WI Dynasty GNBA, Illinois Wild Boyz, Illinois Irish Elite GNBA, ABC Young Lions Black, Milwaukee Running Rebels GNBA, Illinois Irish Select, WI Premier GNBA, Full Package White, WI Swing Reginer GNBA, Milwaukee Young Bucks, Chapman BA GNBA, Illinois Attack, WI Phenoms Orange GNBA, Green Bay Gunners Mares, Illinois Blaze Elite, Ray Allen Select, Full Package Black, WI RAP Cotey, Elevation All-Stars, Madison Stars, WI RAP Busalacchi, All In Athletics Pearson, Green Bay Gunners Winchester, Outwork Elite Gingrich

Team 1 Tyus, Milwaukee Swing, Kentucky Hoop Dreams, Chapman BA Gold GNBA, WI Phenoms GNBA, Basketball Paradise, Ray Allen Select GNBA, Illinois Irish Select, WI Premier GNBA, FSA Elite, Closed Gyms MKE GNBA, Illinois Blaze Elite, Illinois Irish Elite GNBA, ABC Young Lions Teal, Chapman BA Black GNBA, Fox Valley Kings, WI Swing Podoll, ABC Young Lions Black, Madison Spartans, WI Focus White

Team 1 Tyus, WI Premier GNBA, Kentucky Hoop Dreams, Ray Allen Select GNBA Team Supreme, EZ Work Elite, Closed Gyms MKE GNBA, TSA, MN Magic Elite, Chapman BA, Wisconsin Swing, Green Bay Gunners Mares, Milwaukee Checkmate

Team 1 Tyus, Chapman BA, Ray Allen Select, Michigan Warriors, WI RAP, TSA, WI Hoops Select Red

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