The annual NY2LA Generation Next Tip-Off basketball tournament started this Saturday at Homestead High School in Mequon. NY2LA provides middle school athletes with an opportunity to showcase and develop their skills. Once again the tournament was competitive and had many impressive individual performances. 

Note – Not listed in any particular order

7th Grade 
Khalil Jones - Illinois Rockets - 7th Grade

The Illinois Rockets started Saturday with a 67-17 victory. A clear standout for the Rockets was Khalil Jones. Jones can do it all. On offense he is extremely quick with the ball, score at will and is a great floor general. On defense Jones plays with the same intensity as he does on offense. He is in the correct spot and leads his team to get many stops and steals. Jones finished with 20 points and was able to record many assists as well to get his teammates involved. Jones is an impressive young talent and will do great things for his team. 

Amari Edwards - WI Phenoms - 7th Grade
The WI Phenoms guard Amari Edwards recorded a solid performance on Saturday. In a back and forth game which resulted in a 57-51 victory for the Phenoms Edwards netted 14 points. Edwards does a lot of good things for his team, he is a great ball handler, is a capable pass and can get to the rim with ease. Edwards uses his quickness to his advantage on both ends of the floor and has shown his ability to help win games for his team.

Antonio Munoz - Hoopademix - 7th Grade 
In a 51-30 Victory Antonio Munoz of Hoopademix was a clear standout in the 7th Grade division. Munoz is a very athletic player who uses his strength to remember the ball and score around the rim. His physicality and quickness were challenging for teams to match. The forward was active on both sides of the glass and made his defensive presence felt. Munoz contributed 11 points in the victory.

Blake Fagbemi - Illinois Attack - 7th Grade
Despite a loss on Saturday Blake Fagbemi played extremely well. The Illinois Attack lost in a back and forth 32-30 game. One of the reasons the game was so competitive was Blake Fagbemi. Fagbemi is a fearless guard who is extremely quick. He pressures the ball on defense to create many tough shots and force opposing teams into committing turnovers. On offense Fagbemi was able to weave through the defense and get to the rim and finish for most of the game which led to 11 points. Fagbemi is an exciting player to watch. 

Reese Vollmer - Focus Premier - 7th Grade
In one of the closer games of the Day Focus Premier was able to pull out a 32 to 30 victory. An individual that stood out with his performance was Reese Vollmer. Vollmer was everywhere on the court. There was no answer for the energy that he brought to the court. On defense he is very aggressive which lead to many steals for his team. On the other side of the ball he showed his balanced attack with scoring the ball. Vollmer was able to get to the rim but also showed an ability to hit jump shots. Vollmer finished the game with 13 points. 

Damion Porter Jr. - Hoops4Health - 7th Grade
One of the top scorers of the day was linked to Hoops4Health. Damion Porter Jr. was able to find his scoring touch and he was a challenge to stop. Porter Jr. is a strong athletic player who gets to the rim and is able to draw fouls and earns points on the free throw line. Porter Jr. dropped 23 points in a 51-46 victory. 

Alex Greene - Ray Allen Select - 7th Grade
In a lopsided victory for Ray Allen Select Alex Greene stood out as a top performer. Greene has a very strong frame and plays extremely hard. His hustle on the court leads to good things for his team. Greene was able to muscle his way to 12 points and helped his team on the defensive end as well. Greene is a player to watch as he continues to develop his game.

8th Grade
Tyron Wright - Iowa Elite - 8th Grade

Tyron Wright was tough for anyone to stop on Saturday as the big man from Iowa Elite had his way inside the paint. Wright was without a question a top player at the NY2LA Tip off. The tall, strong frame that Wright possesses goes well with his athletic ability and touch around the rim. Wright will be almost unstoppable as he continues to work on a jump shot. Wright rebounded well and made his defensive presence known. In a 46-42 victory scored 20 points. 

Jack Poellet - Chapman Basketball Gold - 8th Grade
An up and coming prospect that played well in the Generation Next Tip Off was Jack Poellet of Chapman Basketball Gold. Poellet was aggressive on defense and was able to create many steals. He was at his best when he was in transition. Poellet showed a nice perimeter jump shot as well as an ability to get to the rim. Chapman Basketball Gold relied on Poellet to handle the ball and create for himself and his teammates. In a 47-9 victory Poellet recorded 14 points. 

Trovary Cavil - Iowa Elite - 8th Grade
One of the top performers this Saturday was Trovary Cavil of Iowa Elite. Cavil handles the ball as good as any 8th grade guard and does not turn the ball over often. When defense puts pressure on Cavil it doesn't phase him but rather he exploits them by going by defenders. Cavil got into the paint and was able to finish through contact but also showed an ability to see the floor and create for his teammates. Cavil has a capable jump shot and is the floor general for his team. Scoring 17 points against Fundamental U was one of his best games on Saturday.

Nick Heusing - Basketball Paradise - 8th Grade
Basketball Paradise was down 16-0 to open up their first game on Saturday until Nick Heusing turned it around. Heusing never backed down even after being down a large amount and it paid off by the end. Leading the comeback, Heusing grabbed every board possible and finished everything around the rim. In a 42-39 comeback victory Heusing scored 12 points to lead Basketball Paradise.

Nas Beamon - Team Takeova - 8th Grade
There is never a doubt that when Nas Beamon takes the court he will put on a show and Saturday was no different. In a 66 to 13 victory Beamon recorded 22 points. His ability to handle and score the ball is still unmatched at his grade level. Beamon toys with defenders before going by them, he scores at will and has a more than capable jump shot. Beamon is an incredible talent who has loads of potential. 

Elijah Mimis - Team Takeova - 8th Grade
Elizjah Mimis continued to be solid for Team Takeover. Mimis is the perfect complement to the playmakers of his teammates Beamon and Bridges. Mimis is a great slasher and finisher. He also rebounds extremely well. Mimis showed an improved jump shot and continues to develop into a top talent at his grade level. Mimis is a hard working player who always seems to do his job on the court. Mimis had 22 points in a large win on Saturday. 

James Brown - Mac Irvin Fire - 8th Grade
In an opening game victory James Brown of Mac Irvin Fire was extremely impressive. Brown has a great frame and makes a difference on both sides of the ball. Brown blocked and altered many shots inside the paint and ran the floor well in transition. On Offense Brown was patient in the post and finished everything near the rim. Brown scored 15 points in an opening victory. 

Derrick Johnson - Mac Irvin Fire - 8th Grade
There are not too many players that are as smooth as Derrick Johnson. The Mac Irvin Fire playmaker was putting on a show on Saturday morning inside of the Homestead fieldhouse. Johnson is in total control of the ball when he has it. He does not turn the ball over often and is always making the right pass to set up his teammates. Johnson gets to the hoop at ease and can hit pull up jumpers as well. Johnson is a great young talent who has a lot of basketball ahead of him. Johnson scored 17 points in an opening game on Saturday.

Twon Jones - Hoopademix - 8th Grade
There was no stopping Twon Jones from getting to the rim on Saturday. The Hoopademix player is as explosive as they come. He is able to change speeds and blow by his defenders. As Jones continues to work on his perimeter jump shot he will be a challenge for any opponent to stop. In a 55-44 victory Jones dropped 18 points.