The annual NY2LA Sports Futures Camp tipped this past weekend and once again it featured an electric group of talent in the 2021-2024 classes.  Some of the top 2024 prospects in the Midwest were on the hardwood and once again they made their presence felt.  We continue our coverage with a look at that standouts from the 2024 class from this past weekend…

2024 Camp Co-MVP
James Brown – 6’9 – F/C – St. Rita (IL)

One of the premiere 2024 prospects in the country and a certified top 10-20 candidate nationally, Brown is a dominant interior prospect with agility, feel, an ability to finish with both hands, and a solid court IQ.  He was dominant averaging a double double (i.e. 14 ppg and 10 rpg) on the day while also altering shots and being disruptive defensively.  Love his big picture potential and he was exceptional throughout the day.

Nick Janowski – 6’3 – G – Pewaukee (WI)
One of the bright young talents in Wisconsin, Janowski was completely dominant throughout the day as he slid over to the lead guard position with exceptional results.  He scored at each level, led his team to a 3-0 mark, and wrapped his day averaging 17 points 8 rebounds 5 assists and 3 steals per contest.  He was outstanding.  

2020 NY2LA Sports Futures Camp – Class of 2024 All-Camp Team
Note – Listed in alphabetical order
Bennett Basich – 6’2 – SG
A talented blue collar guard in the mold of former Germantown and Wisconsin standout Zack Showalter, Basich showed an ability to score at multiple levels and he combined that with a max effort fill the box score approach to put together a nice day of work.  One of the talented up and coming guards in the 2024 class, Basich stood out consistently.

Jack Daugherty – 6’7 – F 
A talented up and coming forward with size and length, Daugherty was active at times and he showed an advanced ability to score at multiple levels for an up and coming big.  One of the talented young prospects in the state of Wisconsin, Daugherty was impressive with a couple of solid overall performances during the evening session of the day.

D’Monta Davis – 6’3 – G/F
A solid skilled and talented prospect, Davis finished at multiple levels, he attacked the glass, and he stood out with consistency in delivering some quality floor performances game in and game out.  A really solid overall performance by the talented 2024 prospect.

Terrell Gaines – 5’4 – G
A quality young marksman with instincts and skill, Gaines delivered a quality day of work that saw him knock down the perimeter jumper with consistency while also creating and rebounding as well.  His activity was solid as was his overall floor production.

Mac Hagemaster – 6’7 – F/C
A solid young prospect, his effort and toughness was impressive as was his ability to make an impact the game with his finishing and rebounding ability.  He was consistently solid and consistently productive game in and game out.

Kon Knueppell II – 6’3 – G
One of the top pure perimeter shooting marksmen in the country for the 2024 class, K2 was exceptional in flashes and looked the part of an excellent young prospect on the rise.  He can score at each level, he has advanced court awareness, and he’s an exceptional up and coming basketball player.

Mercy Miller – 6’4 – G
A highly regarded up and coming young talent, Miller looks the part of a top 20 caliber prospect nationally given his current size, skill, and ability to impact the game.  He can score at multiple levels, he attacks well off the bounce, and he is an excellent rebounding talent for a young guard.  He fills the box score and advanced both physically and skill wise for a freshman.  He had a really solid day game in and game out.

Josh Senica – 6’3 – G/F
A nuts and bolts do it all wing, Senica was active and aggressive on both ends and he contributed across the board.  He can score at every level, he makes good decisions, he attacks the boards, and he has solid instincts and feel.  A solid overall day’s work for the talented 2024 prospect.

Daniel Smythe – 6’1 – G
An emerging young marksmen with range that extends well beyond the arc, Smythe impressed in flashes as he finished and scored with consistency while also doing little things to fill the box score.  Following in the footsteps of his older brother, Daniel looks the part of a stellar young perimeter shooting specialist on the rise in the 2024 class.

Willie Williams Jr. – 6’0 – PG
A talented young guard with instincts, feel, skill, and an ability to finish at will.  Williams attacks the rim off the bounce, he is a solid young rebounding guard, and he has the ability to score at the mid-range level and through traffic consistently and with dominance.  Really like his potential big picture wise with hard work and continued growth.