A loaded field of talented teams took the courts in Indianapolis Indiana for NY2LA Sports GNBA session 1 Spring Extravaganza. Teams from across the country started their season with great competition in one of the premier middle school leagues, the GNBA. Here's a look at the top 14U frontcourt prospects from the opening session.

Trey McKinney 6'5 WF - Bates Fundamentals
Trey McKinney set the pace for Bates Fundamentals to go undefeated through the first GNBA session 4-0. McKinney possesses great athleticism, size, skill and upside. Might be early in GNBA season but it's clear to see that McKinney is on another level and is a 14U league MVP front runner as Bates Fundamentals went unchallenged winning each game by double figures. 

Xzavion Mitchell 6'6 WF – Team Herro
As skilled as any front court prospect in the GNBA, Xzavion Mitchell showed a very complete skill set during the opening session. Leading Team Herro to a 3-1 record, Mitchell filled up the score sheet with major production scoring and rebounding at a high level. Team Herro is one of the top teams in the GNBA 14U league and Mitchell is a big reason why as one of the elite players in the league. 

Jayden Savoury 6'6 PF, Bates Fundamentals
The most consistent inside post prospect throughout the first GNBA session, Jayden Savoury just doesn't make mistakes and he has a noticeably high basketball IQ. A critical part to Bates Fundamentals high team play, Savoury is very competitive, has a great motor. and thrives at making his opponents pay for their mistakes turning defense into offense.

Albren Johnson 6'5 F/C, 94 Feet 
The most impactful prospect without scoring the ball, Albren Johnson played at a high level during this weekend's games.  Johnson plays with great energy, has good size, athleticism and basketball instincts. 94 Feet 14U went 4-0 in first session in big part to Johnson's game play, rebounding, defending the rim, making the right passes to brake press defenses. What's great about Johnson does the dirty work, he is noticeably coachable and is very competitive player. 

Andrew Rader 6'8 PF/C - Team Herro 
Showing great production and potential Andrew Rader was one elite front court prospects during session one of the GNBA. Helping lead Team Herro to a 3-1 record, Rader played at high level having a major impact in the paint on both sides of the ball. Rader protected the rim and finished in post at a high rate.