No lack of talent was on display during the opening session of the GNBA at the 2021 Spring Extravaganza. Here's a look at some prospects from the 14U league that boosted their stock in Indianapolis…

Deion Edwards 6'4 WF, Bates Fundamentals
A versatile and skilled wing, Edwards played at high level during session one of the GNBA. Edwards showed great potential and production helping Bates Fundamentals go 4-0 at Spring Extravaganza. Able to guard multiple positions, he can slash and finish at rim and he possesses great utility as a versatile prospects with good upside.

Devin Brown 6'5 PF, Milwaukee Spartans
One of the most impactful frontcourt prospects during the opening session of the GNBA 14U league, Brown performed at a high level during Spring Extravaganza. Brown has a great combination of size, athleticism, physicality, energy and defensive prowess. Brown plays with great competiveness 

Jaymen Townsend 6'4 WF, George Hill All Indy 
Jaymen Townsend showed great production and potential with his game play during the opening session of the GNBA. One of most versatile wings, Townsend can do a little of everything.  He is able to attack off of the dribble, he has solid touch from the perimeter and he has finishing ability around the rim. With great size and athleticism, Townsend has many of the physical characteristics of a future Division 1 prospect. 

Damien King 6'4 WF, Team Teague 
A versatile wing forward prospect with good size and length, King showed flashes of his high upside during the 2021 Spring Extravaganza. King possesses many physical attributes college coaches seek in frontcourt prospects.  

Mesiyah Ashley 6'4 F, Milwaukee Spartans 
A tough interior prospect that runs the floor well, Ashley played at a high level for the Milwaukee Spartans during the opening session. Ashley was engaged and competitive during his games blocking shots and finishing at the paint at high rate. He has some nice potential. 

Kanon Higgs 6'5 PF, George Hill All Indy  
Kanon Higgs played with good energy and he matched up well with the other high caliber frontcourt prospects he faced. Higgs possesses a solid post skill set, he has good athleticism, he rebounds and runs the court well. More of a traditional frontcourt player than others on this list, Higgs was a presence in the paint on both sides of the court.