The GNBA provides a platform for many talented teams and prospects to display their basketball talents. Here's a look at some guards prospects who boosted their stock during the opening session of the GNBA at the 2021 Spring Extravaganza in Indianapolis.

Luke Westerdale 5'9 PG, Bates Fundamentals 
One of the most complete lead guard performers, Westerdale played at high level for Bates Fundamentals during the Spring Extravaganza and had a major role in his team going 4-0 in the opening session. Westerdale has a great combination of playing making, perimeter shooting touch, basketball IQ and ball skills.

Klevion Brown 6'0 CG, Indiana Game
A prospect that can really heat up, Brown can score with best guards in the GNBA. Brown possesses a great combination athleticism, ball skills, perimeter shooting touch and competitiveness. Few prospects during session one of the GNBA showed the scoring prowess that Brown did putting up some major numbers while putting the league on notice of his both his current ability and potential.

Sam Wellman 6'0 SG, 94 Feet 
Showing great potential and production during Spring Extravaganza, Wellman played at a high level for 94 Feet playing a major role in his team going 4-0 in the opening session. Wellman impacted the games with his shooting touch from outside making multiple jumpers in each game. Wellman’s ability to move without the ball and space the floor primes him to be a standout performer in the GNBA.

Kenari Parker 6'2 G, Team Herro 
Team Herro went 3-1 in opening session of the GNBA and Parker played a major role in his team success. Parker possesses good athleticism, lateral quickness and finishing ability around the rim. Parker thrived in the open court, attacking in transition and turning defense into offense. 

Agape Keys Jr. 6'0 SG, Milwaukee Spartans 
A prospect who’s just scratching the surface of his potential, Keys showed flashes of what he could develop into. Keys has great wing span, athleticism, good ball skills, finishing ability around the basket and he’s noticeably fast. Key thrives at attacking the basket by isolation on the wing and in transition.

Vince Buzelis 6'1 WG, Full Package 
A tough and energetic two-way guard, Buzelis had a great impact for team Full Package throughout the weekend. Showing good potential and production, Buzelis possesses a good combination of size, athleticism, ball skills, etc. and he rebounds very effectively for a guard.