A talented field of team's and prospects hit the court for the opening session of the GNBA Spring Extravaganza. Here's a look at some of the standout prospects from the GNBA 13U league action in Indianapolis. 

Malik Meridy 6'0 F, Team Grevyl 
One of the leading scorers during the opening session of the GNBA Spring Extravaganza, Meridy played at high level for Team Grevyl. Meridy is long, lean, athletic and has great dexterity. Able to guard multiple positions at high level, Meridy was all over the court on defense and offensively was on the attack finishing in the paint at high rate. 

Kain McCaskill 5'8 PG, Yanders Law
A strong athletic lead guard, McCaskill has great combination ball skills, playmaking and athleticism. Yanders Law was one of the top teams in the opening session of the GNBA in large part to the game play of McCaskill. Putting up some major production, McCaskill looks the part of one of top guard prospects in the GNBA 13U league.

Josiah Pouncy 6'0 CG, Kentucky Defenders 
A prospect who showed great potential and production during the opening session of the GNBA Session 1 - Spring Extravaganza was Kentucky Defenders guard Josiah Pouncy.  He ooked the part of one of the top guard prospects in the league. Pouncy has a great combination of size, athleticism, ball skills, play making and finishing ability around the rim. 

Marquel Murray 6'2 F Yanders Law
As athletic as any frontcourt prospect in the GNBA 13U league, Murray has all the tools. Murray possesses great length, versatility, athleticism, he is able to guard multiple positions at a high level. Able to blow by defenders off of the dribble Murray is a threat to attack anywhere on the floor and looks the part of one the top frontcourt prospects in GNBA.

Darrian James-Allen 5'6 PG Milwaukee Ballaz Elite 
A scoring lead guard James-Allen showcased some major skills during the Spring Extravaganza. The Milwaukee Ballaz Elite team scored at high rate and James Allen's scoring and playmaking is the main reason why. James Allen was able to create for others with great effectiveness and efficiency.

Xavier Quinter 6'0 WF, Golden Hoopsters 
One of the top prospects during the Spring Extravaganza at the 13U level, Quinter produced at a high level for Golden Hoopsters. Quinter possesses a great combination of size, athleticism and ball skills. An aggressive slashing wing, Quinter was on the attack putting up major numbers.

Kymoni Hunt 6'1 F Milwaukee Ballaz Elite 
Versatile and athletic, Hunt does it all in the frontcourt for Milwaukee Ballaz Elite. Hurt plays hard on both sides of the ball and he performed at high level during the Spring Extravaganza. A inside presence, Hurt scored in the paint often making plays attacking the paint with dominance and consistency.