The Generation Next All-Star Camp showcased a bright future for that of Midwest basketball. A big reason for that is these ten players below that were awarded All Camp honors. Here are the winners for the 2026 class from the camp. 

Xavier Allen – 2026 – Chapman Basketball Academy – PG 

A true playmaking point guard that excelled during the camp. Allen has incredibly shifty moves and quickness with the ball to get into the paint constantly to create for himself and teammates. Around the paint he did a great job of finishing everything but also shot it a high percentage from three with a smooth jumper to score an efficient 18.5 points per game. 

Jackson Cantwell – 2026 – Yanders Law – F/C 

With this performance during the camp, Cantwell deservingly was awarded Co-MVP honors for his 2026 class. Already at a young age he stands at 6’7” with a strong build as well to a good amount of game. He was dominant in the paint with his size and strength as well to his soft touch but also shot it well in the mid-range. Not only did he score 18.5 points a game but also led his 2026 group with 9.5 rebounds a game. On the other end he was able to lock down the paint with his aggressive play and size.  

Bryden Dohnal – 2026 – Man Up – PG    

The point guard impressed with a wide array of his skilled throughout the camp. He plays well with the ball in his hands but also stood out with his spot up shooting knocking down all three of his three pointers during the games with a great jumper from deep. He is a smart guard that moves well with the ball and knows where to go with it as well to being a skilled passer. 

Yusef Gray Jr. – 2026 – Milwaukee, WI – PG 

Along with Cantwell, Gray was the other Co-MVP of the camp. The 6’1” point guard had an impressive showing with all his skills averaging 17.5 points, 6 rebounds, 4.5 assists, and 2 blocks per game with a 4.5-to-1 assist to turnover ratio. He excelled on both ends of the floor with his playmaking ability as well as his great perimeter defense play. As well to the Co-MVP honors he also was the Top Prospect and Floor General Awards. 

Thian Riak – 2026 – NESYB Attack – G/F 

Riak is a highly skilled wing with a good versatile scoring ability to beat defenses in many ways. While just an eighth grader he has an advanced skill set with the ability to score from all three levels. He has good moves off the dribble to get to the basket as well as create his shot in the mid-range. Plus, he shot it at a high percentage from deep hitting 66% of his threes. 

Gabriel Sularski – 2026 – IL Attack – PG

As well to the All Camp honors, the 6’2” point guard also won the Marksmen Award. The honors were well deserved as Sularski went four of six from beyond the arc and hit nearly 75% of his shots from the field. He is a guard with good feel that only did it with his damage but got to the basket well with his long strides attacking the basket. 

Will Sweeney – 2026 – WI Playground – PG

One of the top playmakers of the camp who is a smart and crafty point guard. He is an efficient scorer that was able to put up a lofty 18 points a game. He plays well with the ball in his hands getting into the defense to score around the paint and mid-range as well to having good vision on the move. Plus, Sweeney shot the ball well from the outside. 

Ryan Walsh – 2026 – M14 Hoops – G 

With all he did on the floor Walsh also won the Mr. Intangibles Award as well to the All Camp Selection. He plays with tremendous energy to just contribute in so many ways on the floor; tough on-ball defense, one of the better rebounders, versatile scoring, running the point, and more. He played a key role in helping his team going undefeated on the day. 

Jack Wilderman – 2026 – Mid Pro Academy – G 

One of the better two-way guards of the camp. He has some quickness, good length, and really works on the defensive end to defend the ball at a high level. Wilderman also scored it well off the bounce. With all his tools he was able to get into the paint often and finish well there plus shoots it well in the mid-range pulling up. 

Zavier Zens – 2026 – Chapman Elite – G 

A lengthy guard with great size at 6’3” as well to good skills. He plays well with the ball in his hands hitting shots off the dribble, get into the paint, and passes well on the move. Zens plays with good energy and knows how to play as a good decision maker with the ball. One of the better rebounders of the camp too grabbing eleven of them in a single game just outworking everyone else on the floor to get them.