One of the most impressive players this past season on the GNBA from the 2027 class was Brady Welch. In multiple tournaments while playing with Mid Pro Academy the point guard showed his ability to take over games. 

Even at a young age being in the seventh grade, Welch has already shown a tremendous skill level and playmaking ability. The point guard has a great combination of quickness, handle, and moves with the ball to make plays off the dribble. He is a gifted scorer that gets into the paint and finishes so well but also shoots it off the dribble from the outside very well with a smooth jumper. Welch already has good form on his jumper to shoot it a high percentage from the outside. More than just a scorer, Welch is also a pure point guard that can create for others with good decision-making ability.  

Welch has a great ability to come up in the clutch and score when it is needed the most. In multiple games throughout the GNBA season, Welch scored key buckets to help his Mid Pro team win games. Not only does he have an advanced skill set for his age but also great feel and instincts. 

While still over a year out from high school, Welch is an exciting up-tempo player with plenty of talent that is a name to remember.