Thrilling day of hoops for the Generation Next Invitational. Over the course of the long day of hoops, there was countless tremendous games. Amongst plenty of stellar standouts today, here are a few that truly stood out with their great play. 

Jayden Burrell – 2027 – G/F – Milwaukee Ballaz Elite

A gifted scorer that can get it done in so many ways. Whenever his team needed a bucket, he came through in their evening victory. Whether it be attacking the basket, in the mid-post, or hitting a three, Burrell got it done. 

Tayte Cordova – 2027 – G/F – Illinois Central Elite

Cordova had one of the most impressive scoring performances today dropping 31 points. He is a tough wing that can get it done in numerous ways but just could not be stopped from getting to the basket. Even with plenty of defensive attention on him, Cordova could not be stopped and was doing it efficiently. 

Rashaad Davis – 2026 – PG – Phenom University

One of a few highly impacted players that helped Phenom have a couple big wins today. He is lighting quick and shifty with the ball in his hands. A good playmaker that gets plenty of paint touches, passes it well on the attack, and knocked down some threes. 

Tevin Schultz – 2026 – F/C – Martin Brothers

While Martin Brothers has a few talented players, Schultz had a tremendous game to help them get a win and advance. Not only is Schultz a strong and active 6’7” post that is dominant inside on both ends but he can also shoot the three. He uses his size well to finish everything around the bucket doing it in a crowd. He moves well for his size and is very active defending the paint. 

Jake Veley – 2027 – G/F – 24Up

The wing came through in the biggest of moments today. In the final seconds, Veley took it to the basket and got it to fall to break the tie and advance his team into the platinum bracket. He plays with good toughness and energy scoring it effectively throughout scoring 12 points in the win.