While the players at the Generation Next Invitational still have not reach high school yet, there was plenty of talent on display over the course of the tournament especially at the 14U level. Here is part one of the top performers from the great weekend of action. 

Tyree Brister – 2026 – PG – Mid Pro Academy South

A skilled point guard that has a good ability to both score and distribute the ball effectively. He is strong with the ball in his hands and was constantly getting into the paint to create. Not only is he a high IQ floor general but sees the floor well and is a skilled passer on the attack. He was a huge reason for all the success of this Mid Pro South team throughout the tournament. 

Jaxson Davis – 2027 – G – IL Flight

Every time I see Davis play, he continues to perform at an extremely high level and only continues to get better. He has good handle and great moves with the ball. The 5’10” guard was constantly getting into the paint and finishing. Much more than just a driver, Davis has a well-rounded game to be able to do a bit of everything on both ends of the floor. He can knock down jumpers from all over, distribute the ball, and has a good ability to defend the ball. 

Cade Dirkse – 2026 – G – Chapman Basketball North

Dirkse greatly impressed over the course of the tournament and was a big reason why his team was able to capture the 14U Gold Championship with his play on both sides of the ball. He plays smart with the ball in his hand running the point effectively with good court awareness but also showed a very good ability to knock down outside jumpers. Dirkse plays with plenty of energy defensively and is a tough on ball defender. 

Randy Flint – 2026 – G – Yanders Law

An athletic guard that is very skilled with the ball in his hands. He scores it very well on the attack getting into the paint and mid-range often with his quickness and moves but is also a good facilitator. He sees the floor very well on the attack to create for his teammates. As well, Flint is a good on ball defender who is very tough to beat. 

Henry Gruetzmacher – 2026 – PF – Ray Allen Select

One of the better big men at the 14U level of the tournament. He has good size as well to some skills plus playing with good energy. He scored it very efficiently around the basket with some nice post moves and good touch. Gruetzmacher also shoots the ball well in the mid-range to put plenty of points. 

Grant Hughey – 2026 – PF – Team Factory

The strong post played well on both ends of the floor. He has a good solid build and really works to defend the paint playing with great energy. Even at a young age he moves well in the post with some nice back to the basket moves with good foot work. He finishes well with good touch as well to being a good passer with vision out of the post.

James Johnson – 2026 – F – Mid Pro Academy

Johnson is a tough 6’4” wing forward with a good all-around game. He has a very good ability to handle the ball, defend, and hit the glass. With his size and great moves, he was incredibly tough to stop off the dribble. He is a mismatch with his playmaking ability and physical tools.  

Nour Mohammad – 2026 – G – LVL Elite

A true breakout performance by the guard who was unstoppable at times. He is a tough guard that is always looking to attack the basket. While not that big, Mohammad battles hard to the basket fighting his way through defenders to get to the basket and finish play after play. More than just a driver he can also hit the three and is smart with the ball in his hands.