With all the talent over the course of the weekend at the Generation Next Invitational, one part was not enough to cover all the talent. Part two includes an equally great deal of talented players. 

Gavin Mueller – 2026 – SF – M14

Mueller is a tough and active 6’4” forward that continuously produced for his team. He uses his frame and strength to score it effectively around the basket as well to outworking opponents to clean up the glass. He is very active on the defensive end and moves well to match up with both wings and big men. 

Bryce Ott – 2026 – F – Wisconsin Blizzard

The 6’3” forward cannot only play big down in the paint but also has a very good all-around game. A strong and effective scorer around the basket that finishes well in addition to being able to play out on the perimeter. Ott can handle the ball and can spot up to hit the three. 

Logan Pokorney – 2026 – SG – Team GRIII Elite

As well to being a good versatile scorer, he is a skilled all-around two-guard that contributes in a variety of ways for his team. He has a smooth jumper from the outside as well to being able to make plays off the dribble getting into the paint. He has some toughness to finish strong inside as well hitting the glass. 

Thian Riak – 2026 – SG – Phenom University

Game after game over the tournament, Riak continued to play at a high level and produce. He is a 6’3” wing guard with good athleticism. He moves very well with the ball to get to the basket with ease as well to being able to create for himself in the mid-range. With all his tools he has the ability to be a very tough perimeter defender. Even at a young age Riak shows tremendous upside as he can do so much very well on the floor. 

Tevin Schultz – 2026 – C – Martin Brothers

Game after game the big man produced to help Martin Brothers win the 14U platinum championship. Not only does he already have great size with good strength but also is agile. He is a very active paint defender and was one of the better shot blockers of the tournament. Not only did he score it well around the basket but also knocked down a few threes. 

Ian Thomas – 2026 – G – Mid Pro Academy South

The long and athletic guard is an incredibly impactful players with all his tools. He has good moves off the dribble to excel getting to the basket. With his skills and physical tools, he can do so much on both ends of the floor. In the semifinals he put together a tremendous performance scoring 15 points to help them defeat a very good Phenom team and advance to the title game. 

Davion Thompson – 2027 – PG – IL Flight

One of a few very talented players on this IL Flight 2027 squad. A dynamic playmaker with great moves who can really get into the paint and create for himself and teammates as well to knocking down shots from the outside. On the defensive end, Thompson is a very tough on-ball defender. 

Naef Yusuf – 2026 – G – Martin Brothers 

A very skilled and multidimensional player. He is a lengthy and versatile guard with great tools that can do so much on both ends of the floor. He plays very well with the ball in his hands getting into the paint making plays but can also hit shots off the dribble. Even at a young age he has good feel and knows how to play. He truly came alive in the championship game scoring 22 points.