All of the players on this are talented players that impressed over the course of the Generation Next Invitational. They have all bright futures if they continue to develop their games. 

Jackson Cantwell – 2027 – F/C – Yanders Law

A strong post with a solid build already at a young age. Much more than just a big body though, Cantwell is a very impactful player in the paint on both ends playing with good physicality. Over the course of multiple games, he kept scoring the ball on a high percent of his paint touches, doing so in a crowd right over and through defenders. He is also an aggressive defender covering plenty of ground in the middle plus rebounding everything around him.   

Devin Cleveland – 2027 – G – IL Flight

Even with his team playing up at the 14U level, Cleveland was still one of the top shooters of the tournament. In a bracket play game Sunday, the guard hit four three pointers in a single half alone. He has a great stroke when spotting up from the outside as well to being a tough on ball defender. 

Vaugh Karvala – 2026 – G/F – MTXE Premier

Karvala is a highly versatile wing that is a true stat stuffer. He has the size and length to play inside defensively but on the other end has the skills to handle the ball and run the point. He moves well with the ball and glides with the ball with his long strides as well to being a good passer. 

Otis Powell – 2026 – G – All In Athletics 

Over the course of the tournament Powell was constantly doing so much for his team. He is an athletic guard that plays with good energy to be a very tough on ball defender sticking with opposing guards so well. On the other end he moves very well with the ball and was constantly getting paint touches breaking down defenses to score and distribute the ball. 

Trevion Roberts – 2026 – G/F – Future Elite 

A tough wing with a strong build that contributes in a number of ways. In the one game I saw of the tournament he scored 19 points with his ability to play big and score it inside, but he also has a smooth jumper to knock down a few threes. He is a tough defender that matches up well with multiple positions plus was very aggressive on the glass. 

Manning Shareef – 2026 – PF – ABP

An active power forward with good strength that played well on both ends. He scored it strong around the basket but did the bulk of his scoring from the outside. Shareef has a good stroke and shot it very well spotting up from three. A tough and aggressive interior defender that showed the ability to shut down the paint. 

Jake Veley – 2026 – G/F – 24Up

The tough 6’3” wing plays with tremendous energy and does a lot for his team. Over the course of multiple games Veley exceled getting to the basket. On both drives and cuts he was getting to the basket using his handle and good strength and finishing everything, even in heavy traffic. He had his biggest moments in a game on Saturday when he hit the game winning driving basket. 

Zavier Zens – 2026 – SG – Phenom University 

With his pure jumper, Zens was one of the top shooters of the tournament. He has a great stroke spotting up from the outside. With his size at 6’5” and a quick release he can get his shot off whenever he wants to knock down jumpers at a high percentage all weekend. More than just a shooter he plays with good energy and has a solid all-around game.