From the 13U level of the Generation Next Invitational, there was a long list of players who showcased a great ability on the court. While just seventh graders, many from the group already have great ability on the floor. 

Edward Bullock – 2027 – G – Chapman Basketball

Already at a young age Bullock showed a very good scoring ability. He is a playmaking guard that can really create for himself from the outside but also moves so well with the ball attacking the paint. Not only can he create good separation for himself but also shot the ball very well off the dribble with range when he did. He was one of the more skilled scorers of the tournament.  

Jayden Burrell – 2027 – G/F – Milwaukee Ballaz Elite

A tough and athletic wing who over the course of multiple games showed a very good scoring ability. He is a versatile scorer that can create for himself in multiple ways. Whether it be going strong to the bucket, playing in the mid-post, or knock down a three, Burrell can go out and get a bucket when needed. He showed good handle and with his toughness the ability to finish in traffic right through defenders inside.  

Jayce Cook – 2027 – PG – 24Up 

Cook displayed plenty of abilities during the tournament. Not only is a knockdown shooter from the outside but also plays well with the ball in his hands. He has a smooth stroke and shoots the ball at a high percentage spotting up from deep. As well he is a smart point guard with the ball who has good handle and can run an offense effectively. 

Tayte Cordova – 2027 – G – Illinois Central Elite

With a 31-point outburst for himself on Saturday, Cordova was one of the top scorers of the entire tournament. He is a tough wing guard that just could not be stopped around the paint. He plays well off the dribble and was often taking the ball strong to the basket. As well, he would just outwork the opposition to find ways to score the ball in the paint. 

Quinton Frakes – 2027 – F – All In Athletics

Frakes is a highly active and versatile 6’2” forward that does a bit of everything on the floor. Not only can he attack the basket off the dribble but also scored it strong down in the paint and would post up using his toughness to get a bucket. He contributed just as much as a real stat stuffer with his good passing ability and hitting the glass hard. As well to playing quality defense in the paint as well as on the perimeter.

Darren Grandon – 2027 – F – Martin Brothers

Not only was Grandon one of the more skilled forwards at the 13U level in addition to always playing with great energy. He has some size at 6’2” but is also very agile to do so much on both ends. He battles inside scoring tough baskets but can also play out on the perimeter. He was also one of the top rebounders at the 13U level, just beating everyone else to each missed shot. A great contributor in so many areas that was a huge piece of the 13U Martin Brothers championship. 

Jamier Montgomery – 2027 – G – Meanstreets

One of the few players from the Meanstreets backcourt that shined during the tournament. He is a highly elusive playmaker with his quickness and shifty moves getting all over the floor with the ball. Not only was getting into the paint often but also shot the ball well from three and the mid-range. He has so many tools with the ball and proved to be incredibly difficult to defend off the dribble. 

Timmy West – 2027 – G/F – NESYB

Over the course of the weekend, West was one of the more talented players at the 13U level of the tournament. While he scored it well over the course of multiple games, he also showed great ability on the defensive end. A tough perimeter defender that moves well to be very tough to beat. West is also a versatile scorer that plays well with the ball in his hands and can also score it strong down in the paint.