From the 13U and 14U divisions of the Generation Next Invitational there were plenty of players of note making a name for themselves. Here are several that put together great weekends for themselves. 

Jack Bookter – 2026 – PG – Wisconsin Blizzard

Bookter was one of the purer point guards of the tournament with an advanced game for his age. He is strong with the ball in his hands with good court awareness knowing where to go with the ball. He is a good passer that creates well for his teammates in addition to being able to get to the basket and hit some jumpers outside.    

Rashaad Davis – 2026 – PG – Phenom University

Davis was one of the top playmakers of the tournament. He is a very quick and shifty point guard that maneuvers very well with the ball in his hands getting wherever he wants with the ball. Davis was getting the basket with ease but was also shooting it very well from the outside off the catch and dribble. 

Lazar Djilas – 2027 – F – Chapman Basketball

Djilas is a 6’0” forward who plays even bigger with his length and aggressiveness inside. He scored it exceptionally well on a high percent of his post touches with his physical tools and good touch. He is also a smart forward that passed it well out of the post.

Noah Emmanuel – 2027 – F – Meanstreets

Emmanuel is a highly impactful forward who already has some size in addition to great length. Game after game he was a force protecting the paint. He is very agile and covers a lot of ground in the middle contesting all shots inside and blocking plenty getting his long arms on them. He also used his physical tools to be big on the glass and score it strong around the basket. Emmanuel showed tremendous upside at a young age. 

Ethan Orr – 2027 – C – 24Up

Orr is a tough and physical post that is a big prescience down in the paint. With all of his tools, he was one of the better rebounders at the 13U level, going hard after each missed shot. He already showed a good ability to score while posting up with nice foot work as well as a good ability to finish everything inside. 

Trey Rademacher – 2027 – F/C – NESYB

Already Rademacher stands at 6’4” with good strength to go with it. Also, with his physical style of play showed the ability to be a force down in the paint, especially on the offensive end. He showed a good ability to score it inside including posting up and rolling to the bucket. He moves well for his size as well to finishing well around the paint. 

JJ Walters – 2026 – G – Chapman Basketball Gold

A combo guard that showed a good array of skills to contribute greatly for his team. He plays well with the balls in his hands and is a good quick decision maker as well to being a good passer. He was constantly a step ahead of the defense making plays for himself and teammates. Walters has a smooth jumper and shot it well from the mid-range and three. On the other end he is a tough defender that moves well to stick with the ball well on the perimeter. 

Elijah Wilborn – 2026 – G/F – Team Factory

Wilborn is a strong guard/forward that can do a bit of everything on the floor. A very tough defender that can match up with multiple positions effectively. He can handle the ball well and scored it strong attacking the basket as well to being able to spot up for threes.