In addition to the top performers and stock boosters, there were a handful of other standouts. Here are five more players that greatly impressed with their play at the NY2LA Sports Invitational. 

AJ Bender – 2025 – G – Wisconsin Swing

While Bender impressed me earlier this spring mainly with his shooting ability, this tournament it was due to his overall play. He is a 6’2” guard with a solid build and knows how to play. A good decision maker with the basketball with good handle that was aggressive attacking the paint to finish it well in traffic but use his good passing ability to distribute it out. 

Javion Davenport – 2025 – PG – All Ohio Cleveland

One of the better two-way guards of 15U level. A very tough and aggressive perimeter defender that uses his physical abilities to get all over opposing ball handlers but it still tough to beat. On the other end he plays well with the ball and was often getting into the paint to create. A very good finisher around the basket who also hit some shots off the dribble.

Charles Kage – 2025 – C – The Academy

While I have covered the backcourt of The Academy team plenty, the importance of Kage cannot be overlooked for this team. At 6’7” post with a strong build, he is an anchor defensively for them as a quality paint protector and rebounder. A tough and aggressive shot blocker that contests all drivers getting inside. Offensively he is a strong screen setter and can score it on rolls and on the block.    

Zach Kinziger – 2025 – G – Phenom University

Another member of this highly talented Phenom squad that won the 15U championship. Over the course of the tournament, he had multiple impressive games with 20-point and 16-point performances. Kinziger continues to be one of the top 2025 shooters in the area but has shown a much-improved ability making plays off the dribble with better handle and ability to finish.

Tim Schmitz – 2025 – G – Chapman Basketball

Schmitz showed the ability to be one of the better shooters of the tournament. He has nice form on his shot can quickly get into his shot off the catch but shoots it just as well off the dribble. He has some quickness and moves well with the ball to be able to create separation for himself.