The NY2LA Sports Invitational had three great days of hoops and this was especially true at the 16U level. There were plenty of familiar names that had standout performances as well as several new ones. 

Lamontae Cross – 2024 – PG – 94 Feet Elite

While Cross has greatly impressed with his distributing ability during multiple occasions earlier this spring, he also displayed his scoring this weekend. When it was needed most in the quarterfinals Cross came up big with 17 points to secure the overtime victory. He is a skilled playmaker with his quickness and moves to get himself all the way to the basket often but also was able to knock down outside jumpers efficiently.  

Mohammad Habhab – 2024 – F – Michigan Warriors

There is much to like from the sophomore’s game in which he showed throughout the tournament. Not only does he stand at 6’7” with some length and agility but also has an array of skills to go with it. He has a good a scoring ability as he can shoot it well spotting up three, scored it strong posting up, and played well off the dribble attacking the basket. Habhab is a high upside forward with all he can do on the floor. 

Jason Jakstys – 2024 – PF – Paradise

While Jakstys showed the is a very productive player he has even greater upside. He already stands at 6’9” with some length and agility and runs the floor hard. Not only does he use his size to score inside finishing everything but also stepped out into the mid-range and shot it well and was effective in the pick and roll or pop game. One the defensive end he is a shot blocker around the paint who can also switch out onto the perimeter. A name in the 2024 class to certainly know. 

Desmond Jones – 2024 – F – Pride Roc

In the one game I saw of Pride Roc, Jones excelled scoring 22 points. The forward has good blend of strength and skills to score the ball at a high rate. He plays big inside using his powerful build to finish right through taller defenders but also shoots it spotting up from three and is a good cutter. 

Amari McCottry – 2024 – SG – Power 5

A highly powerful wing guard who continues to take great strides in his game. As well to his strength he stands at 6’5” and moves very well for his size to be such a tough downhill driver. At times during the tournament, McCottry was just unstoppable getting to the rim and finishing with his athleticism. With his physical tools and quickness, he has all the tools to be a stellar perimeter defender. 

Michael McNabb – 2024 – G – Chapman Basketball Gold

McNabb was one a few players from this Chapman championship team that opened a lot of eyes. He was one of the top scorers at the 16U level, this included a 29 performance to send Chapman onto the title game. He is a fundamentally sound player with great feel and overall game. He shot the ball extremely well from the perimeter all weekend was very effective using his strong build to get himself into the paint and finish.  

Nolan Minessale – 2024 – G/F – Chapman Basketball Gold

Another member of the Chapman 16U team that shined throughout the tournament. With his length, ability, and motor, Minessale is a very impactful wing that does so much to contribute and win games. He moves well with the ball playing off the dribble getting to basket with his long strides. The junior has some bounce to his game and finishes strong at the rim as well to being able to hit outside jumpers. One of the biggest stock boosters of the weekend and scholarship level coaches should get familiar with him. 

Anthony Przybilla – 2024 – SF – Milwaukee Trail Blazers

One of the more versatile players at the 16U level to be highly impactful and help his team to an impressive run to the quarterfinals. He has some size on the wings at 6’5” as well to good length. On both ends of the floor he showed the ability to play inside as well as on the perimeter. Przybilla plays tough scoring the ball inside in a crowd but can also put the ball on the floor and spot up for threes. 

Tavin Shaw – 2024 – PG – All Ohio Cleveland

Not only did the dynamic point guard score the ball at a high level but also distributed it effectively. He excels playing with tempo, pushing the ball with his quickness, handle, and vision. He sees the floor well playing a step ahead of the defense to always be on attack making plays. As well as getting into the paint he also shot it well pulling up in the mid-range.