As we get towards the end of spring and closer to the summer more and more players have taken great strides in their games. Here are several players that had big weekends for themselves with their play at the NY2LA Sports Invitational. 

Drew Badger – 2023 – SF – Wisconsin Dynasty 

Since last year, Badger’s game has come a long way. He has a strong build and versatile game to be a very impactful player. He had a couple nice scoring games with 16 and 14-point performances, doing the bulk of his scoring going to the basket. He is a versatile defender that can play big to match up with forwards inside but can also defend wings on the perimeter effectively.  

Zavier Banks – 2023 – SF – Peak Vision

A 6’6” wing that can do a lot on the floor with his size and skill, plus some toughness. He is a dynamic scorer that can do it bunches in a variety of ways. Not only does he move very well with the ball attacking the basket but is also a good spot up shooter from the outside. Banks can be a real mismatch as he can also use his toughness to score around the paint overpowering defenders.   

Riley Brooks – 2023 – G – Phenom University 2023

Over the course of multiple games, Brooks shot the ball at a high level. He is a smart guard that moves well without the ball hunting for his shots to hit five threes in one game. While Brooks has been one of the top shooters in the area for some time, his all-around guard skills and ability to play with the ball have continued to really develop. 

Michael Brown – 2022 – PG – Grind Family Chicago

One of the better attacking point guards of the tournament. With his lightning quickness and shifty moves, Brown breaks down defenders so well getting into the paint with ease. Brown scored it extremely well getting into the paint plus hit shots off the dribble. 

Leirre Collier – 2023 – PG – Chicago Lockdown

Collier impressed with his abilities on both ends of the floor all weekend and was a big reason Lockdown advanced to the final four of the platinum bracket. He is a very tough on ball defender that can smother ball handlers and use his quick hands to force turnovers at a high rate. On the other end his biggest contribution was his distributing. He is smart with the ball, has good vision, and did a nice job of setting up his teammates.

Malik Grandberry – 2023 – PG – Pride Roc

Grandberry was one of a few key pieces of this 17U Pride Roc team that helped them win the gold championship knocking off a few very good teams along the way. The junior is a skilled playmaker that not only scores it well on the attack but can also create very well for his teammates. With his quickness and handle, Grandberry was often getting into the paint but also hit some outside jumpers. 

Aiden Klosky – 2023 – SF – E2E Elite

One of the more impactful forwards at the 17U level. He has a solid build and really battles on both ends of the court. With his toughness and smooth jumper Klosky can score the ball from all three levels. He stands at 6’5” but plays much bigger in the paint with his toughness and energy. 

Darrius Roach – 2023 – PG – 94 Feet Elite

Roach truly had a weekend worthy of the stock booster title with multiple impressive games. He was one of the top two-way guards of the entire tournament that really stood out with his lock down defensive play. Roach is a tough attacking point guard that finishes well around the paint but can also knock down shots from the outside. 

Kylen Smith – 2023 – G – Mid Pro Academy West

Smith showcased a great scoring ability. He plays very well with the ball and can effectively score it from all three levels going for 17 points in the one game I caught of his. He has a smooth jumper and not only shoots it well spotting up from three but also pulling up in the mid-range. An under the radar member of the 2023 class with great skills. 

MJ Stackhouse – 2024 – F – Phenom University 2024

While Stackhouse had a tremendous season last year on the NY2LA Association, he is still having a breakout spring. He has grown a couple inches up to 6’7”, become stronger, and much more athletic. Stackhouse scored it effectively around the basket, dunking everything but also spot up for a few threes.