With fourteen rounds of games on Saturday, there was plenty of excitement at both Homestead and Milwaukee Lutheran. Here are just a few of the standouts from the day. 

LaVelle Cade – G – 2028 – Gain Elite

Cade was one of two guards from Gain Elite having huge games on Saturday along with Taaj Whitlock. The tough and skilled guard is incredibly tough attacking the basket, playing through contact on his way to the bucket and finishing everything. In his big game, Cade finished with a staggering 30 points. 

Xavier Kelly – G – 2028 – Team Focus

This 2028 Team Focus had a couple of big wins over quality teams and Kelly was a big reason for this. The athletic guard has a very high skill level being able to do so much on the court. In his games today, Kelly was doing it all, scoring, tough on ball defense, and creating for others. 

Jason Susdorf – PG – 2028 – Region Force

Over the past year I’ve seen Susdorf in several games and he has constantly played at an extremely high level, including today in multiple games. While still more than a year out from high school, Susdorf is an exceptionally skilled scorer having himself a 27-point game. He has a pure jumper from the outside but also plays so well off the dribble on the attack. 

Vinnie Walker – G – 2028 – Lakers Youth

When a player scores 37 points in a game, you can imagine they will end up on this list and that is exactly what the electric guard did. He scored 34 in a single half alone. Walker moves exceptionally well with the ball in his hands getting all over the floor with ball and is a knockdown outside shooter. In another game he also showcased his distributing ability with great court awareness and passing skills. 

Demario Wedley – G – 2030 – Peoria Pride

From the 2030 level, Wedley was one of the top playmaking guards of the day. He came through with a clutch 16-point performance in a thrilling double overtime victory. The young guars moves so well with the ball constantly getting into the paint not only scoring but also distributing it.