It was a loaded group of teams at the 14U level of session two of the GNBA. The 2027 group is a special one with a long list of talented teams. The GNBA championships in a few weeks should be some great hoops. 

Blake Basich – 2027 – PG – Closed Gym

Over the course of multiple game, he proved to be one of the top distributors of the tournament. He is strong with the ball in his hands handling pressure and gets plenty of paint touches. On the attack, Basich reads the floor well and is always looking to distribute the basketball and is a highly skilled passer. 

Ed Bullock – 2027 – SG – Team Haliburton

The highly skilled wing guard has continued to show his high scoring ability for a couple years now and proved to be one of the top scorers of the tournament. He had himself multiple big scoring games, with 28- and 35-point performances. With his elite moves, he is so tough to defend in space or coming off screens as he gets to the basket with ease and finishes so well all around the paint but also has such a good ability to create his own shot from the outside.   

Seth Convington – 2027 – F – Illinois Flight

A highly versatile player with all he can do on the floor. He stands at 6’1” and plays even bigger down in the paint. An active forward with good strength and toughness battling down in the paint but can also play well with the ball in his hands out on the perimeter. While not one of the biggest players, Covington in an incredibly tough rebounder working for position and outjumping the opposition. 

Cordell Davis – 2027 – G/F – Yanders Law

The wing has some size to go along with his strong frame and big motor. He can do a lot on the court but impressed the most with his ability to get to the basket. Davis is incredibly tough to stop when playing on the attack battling through contact and was constantly getting to the basket as well to being able to spot up for some threes. 

Wes DuCharme – 2027 – SG – Wisconsin Swing

Throughout the weekend, the wing guard scored it efficiently to put one of the top scorers of the tournament. Whether it was in the half court or transition, DuCharme gets all the way to the basket with ease. He is a guard with some toughness and strength playing through contact and finishes it well. Just a dynamic scorer that was getting it done in all ways also shooting hit at a high percentage from the outside. 

Drew Fischer – 2027 – SG – Martin Brothers

One of the more skilled guards of the tournament who also plays with great feel. Fisher is a high percentage shooter from the outside spotting up but also plays well off the dribble. A smart playmaker with the ball that was often getting into the defense and scored it well all around the paint. 

Maddox Hager – 2027 – F – Griffin Elite

Hager was a big piece of this dominant championship team. While still several months shy of high school, he already stands at 6’6” with a strong build but still moves well. He plays with plenty of energy and is a first to floor type of player. He uses his physical tools well in the paint but also scored the ball attacking the basket and hitting threes. 

Roman Henry – 2027 – G/F – Bounce Elite

One of a few highly talented players on this very good Bounce Elite team. In one of the top games of the tournament Sunday, Henry went for 17 points as well to playing at a high level throughout the tournament. He is a lengthy and versatile wing who plays well attacking the basket but can do so much more. He plays very active on the defensive end and with his physical tools defending both guards and forward very well. 

Omari Jointer – 2027 – G – Griffin Elite

Jointer played well throughout the tournament but really stepped up his game in the championship victory scoring 24 points. The 6’2” guard is strong with the ball in his hands and excels playing on the attack with his quickness. He scores the ball very well going to the basket getting it done all around the paint but is also a good passer who looks to create for his teammates but also hit some shots from the outside. An advanced guard who knows how to play.