Top performers, stock boosters, and now ones to watch. Here is my last write-up from the deep and talented 14U group from the Generation Next Invitational. 

Cooper Borowicz – 2027 – SG – Wisconsin Blizzard

A tough do it all wing guard. He greatly impressed down the stretch of a game Sunday scoring some big buckets. He hit some clutch contested threes as well as scoring a few strong baskets down in traffic inside and driving to the basket. He plays with good energy showing up big on the defensive side and rebounding very well for a guard. 

Donovan Davis – 2027 – F – Grind Elite

One of the highest upside players of the tournament who continues to impress. There are few 2027 players with all his tools as he already has great size standing at 6’6” but is also a fluid athlete with good quickness for his size. More than just physical tools, Davis can handle the ball and knows how to play. 

Montez Gay – 2027 – G/F – Griffin Elite

Already at a young age, Gay has a very good blend of size at 6’4”, length, and athleticism. He shows all the tools to be a very good defender but also scored it effectively getting to the basket and in the mid-range. A big piece of this 14U platinum championship team who is already a highly impactful player but also has great upside. 

Griffin Mehrhoff – 2027 – PF – Yanders Law

The power forward uses his size and strong build to play effective in the paint on both sides of the ball but can also stretch the floor. An active interior defender roaming the paint. Mehrhoff has a good stroke with range knocking down shots from three consistently. 

Bryer Putnam – 2027 – F – Martin Brothers

As well to having good size at 6’4”, there are a lot of different aspects to like from the game of Putnam. He has good length and moves well at his size with the ability to handle the ball with good moves and attack the basket. A real mismatch who can also play so tough down in the paint. He is also a very energetic forward who gets up to grab rebounds.