As well to the top performers and breakout performers, here are five additional players that had themselves great tournaments from the 12U level. 

Kendall Barber – 2029 – SF – Team Supreme

Barber is a long wing with good size. As well to his size on the wings, he is very active with some quickness. A versatile defender who can play very big inside but also defend out on the perimeter. Offensively, he plays well on the attack moving well with the ball getting all the way to the basket often and finishing at a high rate.  

Greyson Casto – 2029 – C – 24Up

As well to having some height at 5’10”, Casto also has a strong build at the 12U level. He plays very aggressive in the paint on both ends just bullying opponents making a big impact. When he got the ball around the basket, he scored it at a high percentage doing so right through or over defenders. As well, for his size he moves well and showed some emerging skills.  

Brayden Harris – 2029 – PG – Team Ramey

Whether it was running the point, being a versatile scorer, or defending the ball, Harris was able to get it done. He has a nice array of point guard tools with his strong handle, passing and decision making all at a young age. Harris looks to distribute it but will find opportunities to score it himself when present in nearly every way possible. With his lateral quickness and intensity, he is a good on ball perimeter defender that gets all over the ball and proved to be difficult to beat off the dribble. 

Damani Oliver – 2029 – G – Reach Legends

Oliver was one of the better two-way guards at the 12U level. He has a motor that doesn’t stop, pressuring the ball full court causing plenty of issues for opposing guards just taking them out of games with his defensive play. A shifty guard with tight handle that plays well with the ball getting into the paint and finishing there but also shoots it well with range off the dribble. 

Lincoln Waldsworth – 2029 – F – Martin Brothers

One of the top forwards at the 12U level that was a prominent piece of this championship team. With his size, strength, and motor, he proved to be a very tough matchup down in the paint overpowering opponents. In his first game of the tournament, he could not be kept off the glass, especially on the offensive end, scoring on multiple put backs and getting to the line often to finish with 23 points.