Next up in the 17U series from the NY2LA Sports Invitational is the stock boosters. As well to the big-name players of the tournament, here are then talented players that were helping out their recruitment stock during the tournament. 

Isaiah Allen – 2024 – G/F – Chapman Basketball 

There are a lot of different aspects to like from the game of Allen as he can do so much on the floor. All tournament he showed his tough defensive play, being able to match up with multiple positions effectively at 6’4” with his length and athleticism. To start off the tournament, Allen showed off his perimeter shooting knocking down three threes in addition to the ability to play well on the attack. 

Kali Freeman – 2024 – G – EPIC Hoopz

Freeman is a quick guard with good playmaking ability with the ball in his hands. In his game on Sunday, he was constantly blowing by defenders getting all the way to the basket often and finishing. As well to his quickness, he moves well with the ball and proved to be so tough to stay in front of. For his size, he plays strong finishing through contact at the basket as well to having a nice pull-up game in the mid-range. 

Charlie Geske – 2024 – SF – Milwaukee Trailblazers

While Geske has had some good performances this spring, he had a breakout tournament consistently playing at a high level all weekend. He started it off with 18-points on Friday against a tough MTXE team and it continued from there. He had his best performance on Sunday with 18-points to send the Trailblazers into the semifinals. The tough end energetic small forward showcased his scoring versatility all weekend shooting it well from the outside off the catch and dribble, going strong to the basket, and posting up. 

Andrew Graf – 2024 – PG – MTXE

As well to being one of the more skilled point guards on NY2LA Association with all his tools, Graf also scored it well this tournament. Especially on Friday to start the tournament with an efficient 17-point game. Over the past couple of years, he has continued to show his ability to be a floor general, but the scoring ability continues to grow as he was shooting it well from the outside and mid-range and scored it well going to the paint. 

Keon Leach – 2024 – SF – Illinois Elite

One of the more versatile players at the 17U level of the tournament. He has some size on the wings with good length as well to a versatile skill set. An energetic defender who can match up with multiple positions and was all over the place blocking shots and sticks with his man. He was at his best with the ball in his hands playing tough getting all the way to the basket but also showed the ability to knock down tough jumpers off the dribble from the outside. 

Amari McCottry – 2024 – G – Phenom University 

McCottry continues to be of the top players in Wisconsin’s 2024 class. He was a standout all tournament with his scoring ability helping Phenom to a title. He has great size in the backcourt at 6’6” to go along with some strength. He plays so tough on the attack battling right through defenders and so well around the paint but has also continued to improve his outside jumper consistently hitting some threes during the tournament.  

Greg Pittner – 2024 – SG – Chapman North

While some players can struggle in the start of the 8am games, that was not the case for Pittner as he scored 13 points in the first ten minutes of his game to start off Sunday. The 6’5” wing guard was getting it done with his smooth jumper. A high percentage shooter that was knocking them down from both the outside as well as pulling up in the mid-range. A tough shot maker that continued to hit his shots from all over even when he had defenders all over him, knocking them down right over smaller guards. 

Tyshawn Teague-Johnson – 2024 – G/F – Wisconsin Dynasty

One of the more versatile and impactful players of the entire tournament. He played well attacking the basket and can hit threes but really stood out more for everything else he did. Whether it was is tough defensive play matching up with multiple positions, rebounding the ball at a high level on both ends, creating for others, or even taking a couple charges in a single game, Teague-Johnson was constantly making winning plays. 

Luke Warner – 2024 – PG – Illinois Elite

Warner showed a good ability to both run the point but also score the ball himself. A true floor general who is strong with the ball in his hands. In a game on Saturday, Warner was getting plenty of paint touches and has great vision and awareness on the move. He is always looking for his teammates driving to distribute the ball but was also hitting his shots off the dribble from both the mid-range and three. 

Andrew Weber – 2024 – PG – Crossfire Becker

Weber was a big reason Crossfire Becker started the tournament with a 3-0 record. With his court awareness, IQ, handle, and passing ability, he has all the tools making him a quality point guard. Much more than just a lead guard he had an 18-point game for himself while hitting four threes with his smooth jumper.