Even down at the young age groups at the 2031 and 2032 classes there was some good talent at the Generation Next All-Stat Camp on Sunday. Here are a few of the players that had great performances for themselves. 

Mason Borgen – 2031 – G – 24:Up

Borgen is a high energy guard that is a first to floor type of player. In both of his game, he was all over the court making plenty of plays. He is a smart defender who really works to lock down opposing guards on the perimeter. As well to his energetic play, he was one of the better shooters of the entire camp. He has great looking form on his shot and was hitting them at a high percentage spotting up from the outside. 

Elgin Cook – 2031 – PG – Wisconsin Playground

Even as a guard in the 2031 class, Cook already stands at 5’11” in addition to having plenty of length. He was a standout on both sides of the ball not just with his physical tools but motor and versatile skill set. Throughout the camp he proved to be a tough defender that was matching up well with anyone on the floor. Offensively, he scored it strong going to the basket on drives and cuts. 

Joseph Chapman – 2032 – G – Chapman Basketball

While one of the younger players of the camp, Chapman still impacted games in numerous ways. He has a high skill level and was at his best playing on the attack but scored it from all over. He is strong with the ball and has great moves getting all the way to the basket often. Chapman also has good length and knows how to play. 

Owen Mickschl – 2031 – PG – Chapman Basketball

From the 2031 level of the camp, Mickschl was one of the top scorers. The guard showed a good ability to score it effectively in a variety of ways. He has a smooth jumper hitting shots both off the catch and dribble with good range. Though he also got to the basket often using his good moves as well as playing through contact to get there effectively. 

Cameron Smith – 2031 – G – Illinois Attack

With his play on both sides of the ball, Smith was named MVP for the 2031 class. He is an incredibly tough defender that matched up with both guards and forwards alike with is quickness, defensive intensity, and size. On the offensive end, Smith did most of his scoring playing on the attack. He moves very well with the ball in his hands easily breaking down defenders. All event he finished the ball well all around the paint and showed a good passing ability. 

Blake Uelmen – 2031 – PG – Wisconsin Swing

As well to winning the Mr. Hustle award with his energetic play all day, the young guard also impressed with his versatile skill set. He showed the ability to excel in so many areas making plenty of winning games. Uelmen plays so well attacking the basket and finishing at a very high percentage but was also shooting it well off the dribble. He is also a good passer who reads the floor and uses his energy to play tough on ball defense.