There was no shortage of talent at this years Generation Next All-Star Camp and the 2029 and 2030 classes were some of the best. Here are some of the top performers from the camp at these two classes. 

Kevin Edwards – 2030 – PG – Locked In

With his great play in each of his games, Edwards was awarded the mvp honors of the 2030 level of this camp. As well to being one of the top scorers of the Generation Next All-Star Camp with his versatile scoring ability, Edwards did so much more. There are few players at his age who can make an impact in nearly every way on the floor. Whether it was with his tough defensive play shutting down guards and forwards, smart playmaking running the point, high energy plays, Edwards continuously contributed. 

Juvonta Leach Jr. – 2030 – G – Closed Gym 

Leach was one of the more skilled and impactful guards of the camp. The guard is a skilled scorer but also distributed it well and is a tough an active defender. He proved to be a gifted playmaker off the dribble as he moves well with the ball in his hands getting to the basket and finishing but also shot it well off the dribble. 

Drew Lenz – 2029 – PG – Wisconsin Swing

Lenz impressed during multiple tournaments playing with the Swing earlier this year and continued his high level of play here to win co-mvp honors at the 2029 level. He has a high skill level and really knows how to play. He is a gifted scorer in multiple ways but can also create for others. He excels attacking the basket with his quickness and great moves with the ball. Additionally, Lenz also has a smooth jumper from the outside to be putting up plenty of points at the camp. 

Ben Pritzl – 2029 – F – Wisconsin Swing

For long stretches of play, Pritzl was just taking over games and was dominant in so many areas to earn his 2029 co-mvp honors. As well as having some size, he also has such a well-rounded game to make a big impact in all areas of play. The forward scored in bunches playing on the attack and finishing strong in the paint but was also passing it so well. Defensively he was all over the place blocking shots, coming up with steals, and defending both guards and forwards very well. 

Cody Rader – 2029 – PG – Meanstreets

As well to his great playmaking ability Rader also won the Mr. Hustle award for the camp’s 2029 class with his highly active play. He is a skilled scorer, especially while going to the basketball but impressed even more with his passing ability. For his age, Rader is such a skilled passer to go along with his excellent court vision. All camp he was dazzling with his passes consistently getting into the paint and setting up teammates for baskets. 

Caleb Sands – 2029 – F/C – Illinois Attack

Sands was one of the top big men of the Generation Next All-Star Camp. Even as a seventh grader he already has some size at 6’2” and is very active playing inside. He is an aggressive rebounder getting all rebounds around him grabbing them right over and away from opponents. He showed the ability to shut down the paint defensively but also moves well to defend out on the perimeter and be able to put the ball on the floor.  

Lucas TeWinkel – 2029 – G – Team Herro

One of the more skilled guards of the camp who also has a high basketball IQ. Over the course of the camp, he showed his great scoring ability but also created well for his teammates. From all three levels, TeWinkel scored the ball efficiently. He has good handle and quickness with the ball to be able to get to the basket as well as pull up in the mid-range but can also extend his range out to three. 

Demario Weldy II – 2030 – PG – Peoria Pride

Even though he is in the 2030 class, Weldy was one of the top playmakers of the camp. With the ball in his hands, he is incredibly dynamic using his quickness, moves, and handle to continuously beat defenders and get into the paint. Weldy showed good vison on the attack finding open teammates and gaps in the defense.