In addition to the top performer’s lists, there were plenty of others having themselves a big weekend. Here are a few more players who had themselves a stellar tournament of hoops. 

Ralphael Bonner – 2030 – F – TCDA

Bonner is a strong and active forward that made plenty of plays throughout the tournament. He goes hard to glass and was one of the top rebounders at the 12U level of the tournament. Bonner finished it well around the basket scoring often on put backs and dump offs. Possession after possession he was always playing very tough defense shutting down the paint. 

Jackson Gorsky – 2030 – G – Batavia Bulldogs Red

Gorsky was one of the more well-rounded guards at the 12U level who showed a good ability over multiple games. He showed a good ability to handle the basketball, was an active rebounder, finished the ball well all-around the paint, and sees the floor. For his age, he showed a very advanced game. 

Emmett Kelley – 2030 – SF – Nicolet Knights

Kelley gets onto this list for his play in the championship game helping his team win it all. All game he played with tremendous energy and was all over the court making plays. He has some size and is a highly versatile player that just did whatever was needed from him. 

Germain Moore – 2030 – PG – Illinois Attack

During multiple games, Moore continue to show all his point guard tools. He is strong with the ball in his hands and moves well with it getting into the defense. He is a skilled distributor playing on the attack but can also finish around the paint and hit shots off the dribble with range. 

Kona Pepito – 2030 – F – Infinity

A very tough forward who helped his team reach the semifinals. While not the tallest of players inside, he was outworking and overpowering them to make plays. A strong scorer who can play with his back to the basket and was finishing right through defenders. He was also one of the better rebounders in his bracket going aggressively after each one. Pepito also impressed with his passing ability out of the post. 

Erick Perillo – 2030 – SG – Hoopademix

As well to being a versatile wing guard, Perillo also showed a good skill set. He did most of his scoring while playing on the attack. With his quickness and good moves off the dribble, he proved to be very difficult to stick with and was often getting to the basket. Though he also made a great impact with his active defensive play and tough rebounding. 

Massiah Wilson – 2030 – G – Mad City Mambas

As well to his good pressure defensive play, Wilson was also a real standout offensively. He showed a very good playmaking ability with the ball in his hands. He has good moves with the ball and great acceleration to get into the paint often. As well to getting all the way to the basket often flying by defenders, he also showed a good passing ability.